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As a retreat center, Zion sponsors regularly scheduled retreats, programs and events throughout the year, including:

Women’s, men’s and family retreats

Come join in with others seeking to grow in faith through worship, fellowship and bible study. These retreats are often one or two-night experiences.

Spiritual direction retreats

Be renewed through one of these one or two-night retreats that include time with a spiritual director, worship, and opportunities for silent contemplation on the beach.

Nature and ecology retreats

Come engage the local coastal eco-system and learn ways to protect the environment in our own everyday lives.

Summer youth events

Lutherhill Ministries is known for its excellent summer camp ministry in LaGrange!  What would it look like to take the best of summer camp at Lutherhill and bring it to the beach?! Come find out…

Clergy “Sabbath Days”

Pastors, deacons, and other officially-sanctioned ministers (denominationally rostered, licensed, etc.) have the opportunity to come spend a low-cost overnight retreat, which includes simple meals, worship and time with a spiritual director.

…and many others!